Connection Pathway

Wondering how to get connected here at Christ Church? The Connection Pathway allows you to start your journey into the life of the church in a way that meets you where you’re at.

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Do you have hard questions about God, Christianity or the church and don’t know where to go to get answers?

Then Discover is the place for you! We offer two options: Alpha and Starting Point. Both are open forums where you can safely explore the questions, concerns, and even doubts you may have about God and religion.

Alpha is a series of 11 sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. It isn’t necessarily designed for a seasoned Christian; rather, Alpha is aimed at those who might not know God or have questions about their faith.

Typically run over eleven weeks, each session looks at a different question that people can have about faith and is designed to create conversation. It’s just an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together.

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Starting Point is an eight-session conversation about faith. Whether you’re new to faith, curious about God, or coming back to church after some time away, it’s a place where your opinions and beliefs are valued, and no question is off limits.

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Want to know more about Christ Church specifically, and how you can become a part of the Dream Team?

In each church, God brings together people with a variety of personalities, gifts, skills and life experiences in order to accomplish His vision for that community. Through CONNECT, we explore how to connect to God, life in the church, His design for our lives, life with Him, and the Dream Team here at Christ Church.

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The Pathway continues as we learn how to Engage in life with others while becoming more like Christ. This is where we practice what we have learned, where we continue to learn, and practice some more.

We bring the love and grace of Christ to others through service, and we build up the body of Christ by volunteering in His church. Being Engaged means we are working to reach the full potential of who God created us to be.

Christianity is a team sport, and we learn to become more like Christ when we connect to others in small communities where we can support and encourage each other as we live out our faith.

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God has given everyone unique gifts and skill sets that help build up His church and accomplish His mission in the world. Volunteering on a ministry team allows you to use the gifts, talents and skills that God has given you to do meaningful work in the church.

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