Group Life

Life Groups

We believe that real life-change happens in a community. We are not made to do life alone. That’s why we gather in Life Groups where we can get comfortable, share, invest, and grow.

God uses intimate connections with other people as catalysts for change — in us, in our relationships with Him and others, in our families, and in the world.

We have groups that meet in person, via zoom (online) or as hybrids (in-person and online). For more information about Life Groups, email Dianna Amoline.

Connect Groups

Whether you’ve been around Christ Church for a while or you’re brand new, you might feel like you’re not as connected as you’d like to be. You may be wondering what a good starting place is. Well, wonder no more! Our Connect Groups are the perfect starting point for getting more connected to God and to the church.

You’ll be able to ask those questions that you have been keeping to yourself because you weren’t quite sure who to ask. You’ll meet some other great people who want to get more connected, just like you. And you’ll learn what makes Christ Church tick. Click below to find out when the next group is starting. We look forward to connecting with you!

Growth Groups

As followers of Jesus Christ, our journey should be a lifelong process of learning: learning more about who God is, what He likes, what He wants for us, and how we can be more like His Son. But God didn’t design us to walk this path alone. The word “theology” translates to “God-word” or “God-talk”. It means we should get together with others to talk about God.

So, whether you’re studying the Bible, working through a good book, or learning how to improve your marriage, sharing in that process with others improves our ability to think better thoughts about God and become more of who He created us to be. Check out which Growth Group might be helpful for where you are in your journey and join today!

Care Groups

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes we make decisions that cause challenges. Sometimes bad things happen to us that we can’t control. But no matter the source of the difficulty, there is hope and help to be found in our Care Groups.

Care Group leaders have been down the path you’re on and they want to walk alongside you as you navigate this difficult time. You’ll find encouragement, comfort, and strength as your group meets to support each other. Click below to see our current Care Groups and their meeting times, and let one of our groups share the peace and grace of Jesus with you.

Sometimes finding help in a group setting feels overwhelming or stirs up anxiety. Sometimes we need one-on-one help in meeting the difficulties in life.

A Mental Health Coach can help you develop a healthier approach to the challenges you’re facing. Click HERE to learn more about Mental Health Coaching.