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Thanks for your willingness to serve as a Life Group leader. This page is continuously being updated for you with resources and tools to help your Life Group thrive. In addition to curriculum aligned with our current sermon series, you will find sample Life Group documents, community outreach opportunities, and theology tools.

I Choose: Deciding Our Values for Life – Columbia Station & Old Brooklyn Campuses

We choose our values and then our values direct our lives. A value is an action or a way of acting. Godliness is a value with great potential. Values direct how we “toil and strive” and for what we “toil and strive.”

Life Group Leaders Packet 

More Than – Elyria Campus

Life can sometimes feel like it delivers less than we expect or hope for. The Apostle Paul wrote to an ancient church that we have a More Than God. Our God wants to do more than we think or imagine in our lives and church. Join us in this series as we explore what it means to be in relationship with a More Than God!

Session One
More than Religion

Session Two
More Than Sunday

Session Three
More Than Conquerors

Session Four
More Than A Building


Great music moves the soul and sets the atmosphere. Whether we realize it or not, there is a playlist playing in our minds influencing our experience of life. When things get hard, changing our playlist can change our lives. Join us as we learn from King David, one of the greatest song writers ever known and create a new playlist for life.

Life Group Leaders Packet 

Week One
Songs of Comfort
Psalm 118:14-16

Week Two
Songs of Grace
Psalm 118:1-4

Week Three
Songs of Faith
Psalm 118:5-9

Week Four
Songs of Christ
Revelation 4:8-11

LifeGroupsSermonB_postimg2Serving Others as a Life Group

An emphasis with our Life Groups is serving together.

To help your group find meaningful serving opportunities, our SERVE team has built a list of core community partners and is available to help your group connect with an opportunity that fits your interests and gifts.

While there are countless opportunities in our community and even additional opportunities within your own Life Group, listed below are some community partners that we have ongoing relationships with and that we believe are strategic ways for your group to have an impact.

Community Partners