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Thanks for your willingness to serve as a Life Group leader. This page is continuously being updated for you with resources and tools to help your Life Group thrive. In addition to curriculum aligned with our current sermon series, you will find sample Life Group documents, community outreach opportunities, and theology tools.


When we are honest about our understanding of the person of Christ, there are lots of sources that have shaped our understanding of Him; sermons we have heard, Bible stories people have told us, books we have read, and shows we have watched. Too often, however, we have built an understanding of who Christ is without actually looking at what He said about Himself.

In these sermons, and through this companion study, we will look at six statements found in John’s gospel that describe a firsthand view of the person of Christ.

Life Group Leaders Packet 

Session 1 – The Word: Discussion Questions

Session 2 – The Lamb of God: Discussion Questions

Session 3 – The Bread of Life: Discussion Questions

Session 4  – The Light: Discussion Questions

Session 5 – The Good Shepherd: Discussion Questions

Session 6 – The Resurrection and the Life: Discussion Questions

When Life Is Unfair

The Rabbis say Psalm 4 reveals David’s heart when Absalom attempted to kill him and take the kingdom. David felt how unfair Absalom’s actions were and he felt the ingratitude of those like Ahithophel.

Life Group Leaders Packet  |  September 12 Webinar

Session 1 – Pray:  Video Teaching Segment  |  Discussion Questions

Session 2 – Refocus:  Video Teaching Segment  |  Discussion Questions

Session 3 – Silent Meditation:  Video Teaching Segment  |  Discussion Questions

Session 4  – Sacrifice and Trust:  Video Teaching Segment  |  Discussion Questions

Session 5 – Move Toward the Joy:  Video Teaching Segment  |  Discussion Questions

Session 6 – Peace:  Video Teaching Segment  |  Discussion Questions

Five Year Plan

Where Could We Be in Five Years…

When we look at our lives, weeks and months fly past in the blink of an eye. As a church, however, (while it seems like we were just celebrating Memorial Day) we want to wrap up this summer by taking a look at what we could accomplish if we prioritize a few special emphases over the coming five years.

In our sermons and through this companion study we will look at three messages that Paul had for the Corinthian church and see what Christ Church can be in the years to come.

Together, we will see the following ideas of what we can become together:

1. The Church Visible

2. The Church Compassionate

3. The Church Leading

4. The Church Connected

Life Group Leaders Packet

LifeGroupsSermonB_postimg2Serving Others as a Life Group

An emphasis with our Life Groups is serving together.

To help your group find meaningful serving opportunities, our SERVE team has built a list of core community partners and is available to help your group connect with an opportunity that fits your interests and gifts.

While there are countless opportunities in our community and even additional opportunities within your own Life Group, listed below are some community partners that we have ongoing relationships with and that we believe are strategic ways for your group to have an impact.

Community Partners