In the book of John we see Jesus encounter men and women from different social, moral, and religious backgrounds. Jesus responds to each person according to his or her need. He invites them into a relationship. In this series we will be able to share the Gospel with different demographics in our church.

Sermon One – January 12, 2020
John 1:35-42
Pastor Katie Brown

Sermon Two: January 19, 2020
John 3:3-14
Pastor Katie Brown

Sermon Three: January 26, 2020
John 4:1-39
Pastor Katie Brown


Sermon Four: February 2, 2020
John 5:1-17
Pastor Katie Brown

Sermon Five: February 9, 2020
John 6:60-69
Pastor Katie Brown

Sermon Six: February 16, 2020
John 8:1-11
Pastor Katie Brown