Want to be the best mom possible?

You are not alone!

What is MOPS?

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is an international movement that believes moms are world influencers. MOPS connects moms all over the world, bringing them together in their own neighborhoods to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood. MOPS groups are rallying women to be more honest, to feel more equipped and to find our identity by journeying alongside one another.

We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better world.

For more about MOPS International:  http://www.mops.org/about/about-us/

MOPS at Christ Church

We are a local MOPS chapter that meets in Columbia Station. Our goal is to encourage, support and nurture all mothers with children from conception through kindergarten.  Our MOPS family provides a caring and accepting atmosphere where women can come together to share this important season of life.  We help moms grow by providing opportunities to learn from each other’s shared experiences as well as the experiences of special speakers and mentor moms who’ve already been through this phase of mothering.  A variety of topics relevant to mothering are presented through videos and speakers to celebrate motherhood and to meet a mom’s unique needs.  Through creative projects and presentations, women are encouraged to experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with trying and finishing new things.  The relationships created during MOPS can be a lifeline for a mom who feels isolated, underpaid, underappreciated and/or overwhelmed. We’d love for you to join us as we grow as moms and as friends!

Better together … MOMSnext is here!

As mothers enter the school years, new challenges and issues arise, but the need for community and hope remains.  For this reason, we are offering MOMSnext, a ministry to mothers of school-age children.  Our MOMSnext group will meet alongside our traditional MOPS group, providing an open, accepting place for mothers of school-age children to experience authentic community, personal growth, practical help and spiritual hope.

Never let the fire go out … When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful. Share with God’s people who are in need. Welcome others into your homes. – Romans 12:11-13 (NIrV)

Fire is a tool utilized only by human beings. Since the beginning of time, humans have congregated around its warmth for light, protection and company. Every other creature on the planet fears fire, but we’ve been given the unique ability to harness it, to use its power to improve our lives. Not only that, but poets and artists have used fire to describe the God-given spark that wakes us up in the morning and fuels our purpose and passion. Whatever the context, fire is not to be ignored.

Sisters, this is a year we will tend the fire in our hearts.

We will stop inhaling the fumes of our mistakes that tell us we are not enough, not a good enough mom, not pretty enough, not brave enough, not smart enough, not wealthy enough. Instead, we will choose to tend our God-given fire. We will love our children with an all-consuming love and use our words to warm the world. We will hold the torch up high and shed light on what matters most.

When our homes feel cold, we’ll light a fire.
When a friend has lost her spark, we’ll fan her flame.
When the world seems dark, we will be an ember of hope.

In order to do this we will:

LIVE EXPECTANTLY: This is the bold reminder to think about what could go right.

We will renew our minds and choose to trust that God is good. Hope will be on the tip of our tongues. Passion will flow from our hearts and we will pray big prayers. It takes tending to keep the fire alive, so we will fan our flame by choosing to do more things that make us forget to check our phones. We will choose to play with our kids instead of crossing one more thing off our to-do list. We will be women whose passion and patience inspire the people we love most.

SURRENDER DARINGLY: This is the bold reminder to let things go.

Fire is a tool of transformation, and often the most life-improving thing we can do is surrender. Surrender is often misunderstood as an act of weakness, when in truth it is an act of courage. What would it feel like to let yourself off the hook from living like it is all up to you? Let go of unhelpful expectations and the need to control the people and situations in your life. When we surrender, we become in tune with the swift but gentle timing of God. This year, we will take a daring step into the fire of transformation, so we can emerge truer and braver than we ever imagined we could be. We will be women who trust that God is fighting for us, so we need only to be still.

BREATHE FREELY: This is the bold reminder to let yourself be loved.

Even though we aren’t enough in our own mind, we are enough in the mind of God. There is nothing that you can do, or have done, to ruin or fracture God’s love for you. There is no amount of striving or performing that will earn you more. Breathe freely and joyfully, and be refreshed. We will be women and moms who stand out because we live loved.

2018/2019 Meeting Schedule

Morning MOPS (twice per month)
9:30-11:30 A.M.
1st & 3rd Wednesday

September 19

October 3 & 17

November 7

December 5 & 19

January 16

February 6 & 20

March 6 & 20

April 3 & 17

May 1 & 15

All meetings are at Christ Church Main Campus.

Mom’s Nights Out: Dates coming soon! Mom’s Nights Out events will vary each month, providing our moms different social activities in various locations.Follow us on Facebook for details as they become available.

Child Care

During the MOPS meetings, your children will be cared for in the safe and loving environment of our MOPS Kids program. It is complementary to the Christ Church programming that children experience during the weekend services. Age appropriate activities, including crafts, Bible stories, music, book reading, and imaginative play will be enjoyed during their time in MOPS Kids.

Registration/Fee Information

MOPS International Fee:

This fee of $32.00 goes directly to MOPS International and must be paid upon registration. Each member receives an amazing welcome kit full of surprises. In addition, the fee helps MOPS Int’l to reach more moms all around the world. It provides leadership training and resources for moms and leaders as well as scholarships and financial aid for those in need. Every mom in our community and around the world needs friendship, support, and encouragement. These fees help make this possible.

Christ Church MOPS Fee:

As part of MOPS here at Christ Church, there is an additional fee to help offset the group meeting costs, such as childcare workers and snacks, craft supplies, speakers, food, and curriculum. We strive to keep costs minimal since we know first-hand that being a mother of preschoolers usually means having limited funds. Please choose the payment option that works best for you:

  • Pay for the whole year in advance
    • $90 (15 meetings x $6 each)
  • Pay half the year at a time
    • $45 in September; $45 in January

MOPS is intended to welcome every mother with children from conception through kindergarten. Please do not allow the cost to influence your decision to join. If you would like information about scholarships, please contact Ann Marie Durkin at (440) 236-8282 ext. 219.

Pay the Christ Church Fee
Pay the MOPS Int’l Fee

Use group code TX8N to be connected to MOPS Int’l at Christ Church

Mail – Checks Only

Print and complete the printable registration form and mail it with your check to:

Christ Church
Attn: MOPS
23080 Royalton Rd.
Columbia Station, OH 44028

In-person – Cash, Checks, Debit and Credit Cards

Print and complete printable registration form and bring to the church office during business hours, M-F 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

For more information about MOPS at Christ Church, please contact Ann Marie Durkin, (440) 236-8282 ext. 219.