We are thankful for our dedicated members at Christ Church! We would not be the church we are today without their faithful and sacrificial service and contribution.

January is “Membership Renewal and Celebration” month. We are asking all our members to renew their membership. Renewing your membership does two things:

  1. It keeps the commitment of membership fresh and helps you stay connected.
  2. It helps us as a large church keep accurate records.

Renewing your membership is simple – all you have to do is sign a copy of the same pledge you signed when you completed membership classes and joined the church. Just click the Membership Renewal Form below!

If you are not a member and would like to know more about our church, you can sign up for our membership lessons: Discover Christ Church which begin on February 5 and 9.

God bless!

Sharon Collings, Administrative Director

Membership Renewal Form