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November 14, 2017

Inspirational Message by Paul Kraker, Pastor of Creative Arts

If someone were to ask me to spontaneously name the things I am thankful for, my “list” would probably be very similar to yours: my home, family, job, food, transportation, friends, health, etc. All of these are incredible blessings and tremendous reasons to be thankful – and I am. I believe it is so important to practice thankfulness, not just because it seems like a good virtue, but because it leads us to become grateful.

I visited my old friend “Webster” for some help, and here are his definitions: Thankful means to express gratitude, and grateful is to feel or show appreciation for kindness received.

In Luke 17:11-19, we read a story about a man whose life was profoundly changed by his encounter with Jesus Christ. It’s the account of when Jesus had compassion on ten lepers and healed each one. A surprising element to the story is that only one man returned to say thank you. Only one man was so overwhelmed and full of thanks that he took the time to show gratitude.

This Thanksgiving, yes, it’s still important to thank God for the “list” of things we are thankful for. In addition, let’s thank God for our many blessings – and recognize Him with gratefulness as the One who blesses.

I suggest a simple prayer like this: “Thank you that You are such a good Father who loves to bless us. I see your goodness all around me and I pause to say thank you! I don’t deserve your kindness and stand amazed that I belong to You.”


Happy Thanksgiving!
Grace & Peace,
Paul T. Kraker