Christ Church – Elyria

by Chet Beetler

In Acts 16 God opened an opportunity for Paul to go and preach the Gospel to the Macedonians. Paul responded quickly to this opportunity by redirecting his plans to go to Macedonia.  In a similar way God opened an opportunity for Christ Church to preach the Gospel in Elyria and build an extension of our church.  In the coming months we will be starting a Christ Church campus in Elyria. We are moving quickly to accomplish this and figuring out many details as we go. The new campus will be in the building that used to be Jesus Christ Community Church and will be under the leadership of the elders and staff at our main campus. Our goal is to strategize and recruit volunteers in the month of February.  In March we will begin holding Sunday morning services and continue to recruit and refine. We plan on having a soft launch in May and a public launch in September.  The Elyria Campus needs all the fundamental ministries that we have at our main campus such as: music, preaching, nursery, K-5, Fuel, Ignite and ushers. You can help us in this noble adventure in a few ways:

  • Pray that God would win people to Jesus Christ there and raise up leaders
  • Commit to coming to the Elyria campus for one month (you can pick a month March, April, May, June, July or August)
  • Make Elyria the service you go and the place you serve.

Please prayerfully consider joining us in this adventure of faith!

If you are interested in helping with the Elyria Campus or have questions please contact Chet Beetler at

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