Sermon Series – Old Brooklyn

Never the Same – Old Brooklyn Campus

In the book of John we see Jesus encounter men and women from different social, moral, and religious backgrounds. Jesus responds to [...]

Never the Same – Old Brooklyn Campus2020-02-17T17:27:04-05:00

Get Into the Fight

Get Into the Fight - Pastor Chet Beetler September 29, 2019 1 Samuel 17 West Campus Audio [...]

Get Into the Fight2019-12-23T12:08:36-05:00

Hangin’ Tough – Old Brooklyn Campus

Everything worthwhile in life requires strength and discipline. We don’t stumble into great lives. We work to create them. Join us as we [...]

Hangin’ Tough – Old Brooklyn Campus2019-10-31T11:57:53-04:00

One Neighborhood at a Time

Jesus commands us to love our neighbor, to serve others with compassion and meet the tangible needs of others. When we seek to practice those actions right where we are, we begin to change the world one neighborhood at a time.

One Neighborhood at a Time2019-12-03T09:16:19-05:00