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Prime the Pump


Contribute Now Prime the Pump FAQs What is Prime the Pump? Prime the Pump is an annual special offering that provides us [...]

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Baptism is a celebration of your commitment and it identifies you with Jesus; His death, burial and resurrection. It is also a testimony that you are no longer controlled by an [...]


Baby Dedications


Dedication is a public expression of faith and commitment on the part of the parents and of blessing on the part of God through His Church.

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The Bible Project


"The Bible Project," a fun study of the first five books in the bible! Easy to understand videos, discussion and information. Learn about [...]

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Week of Prayer


Our week of prayer began 33 years ago. The faithful early crowds, mid-day, and evening crowds have prayed down many blessings over the years.

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GRIT Monthly Men’s Event


Grit is a men’s program that brings guys together for a monthly event where we meet up, learn, get inspired and hang [...]

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Men’s Renewal Weekend


Renewal is a weekend retreat that brings men together for the intent of seeking or renewing a relationship with God. Join us for an opportunity [...]

Men’s Renewal Weekend2019-04-12T10:36:27-04:00