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Bless This Mess

Bless This Mess, West and Old Brooklyn Campuses, December 1, 2019

Bless This Mess2019-12-02T13:51:09-05:00

The Point of Pain – CC Students

There is no getting around it. Life is painful. The pain we experience in life can be so draining and paralyzing to our souls. [...]

The Point of Pain – CC Students2019-11-19T10:32:48-05:00

This is Home

Home is a place where you get to be you. Where you are welcomed and loved, challenged and encouraged. What if that is [...]

This is Home2019-11-25T09:53:08-05:00

Get Into the Fight

Get Into the Fight - Pastor Chet Beetler September 29, 2019 1 Samuel 17 West Campus Audio [...]

Get Into the Fight2019-12-23T12:08:36-05:00

The Core

The Bible can be an overwhelmingly long book. But in this sermon series we will examine the five most important books in the [...]

The Core2019-12-02T23:57:31-05:00

Hangin’ Tough – Old Brooklyn Campus

Everything worthwhile in life requires strength and discipline. We don’t stumble into great lives. We work to create them. Join us as we [...]

Hangin’ Tough – Old Brooklyn Campus2019-10-31T11:57:53-04:00

When God Moves

God moves powerfully through Nehemiah to build a wall and renew the ancient city of Jerusalem.  We will study through Nehemiah to [...]

When God Moves2019-09-03T16:42:37-04:00

Practice Makes Powerful

Reviewing the spiritual disciplines that strengthen our souls to live well in a challenging world. July 27 & [...]

Practice Makes Powerful2019-12-03T09:14:04-05:00

Follow Me

Jesus calls us to follow Him. The process of following Jesus is called discipleship. We are learning how to live life as His disciples. The decision to follow Jesus requires counting the cost and accepting necessary losses. However, the outcome is of infinite value.

Follow Me2019-06-11T12:36:49-04:00

One Neighborhood at a Time

Jesus commands us to love our neighbor, to serve others with compassion and meet the tangible needs of others. When we seek to practice those actions right where we are, we begin to change the world one neighborhood at a time.

One Neighborhood at a Time2019-12-03T09:16:19-05:00