Our Mission

The mission of Christ Church is to attract people to the excellence of Jesus Christ, invite people into the joy of ministry, challenge people in the adventure of faith, and teach people a lifestyle of generosity.

Christ Church wants to help people become followers of Jesus Christ. Because . . .

Jesus Christ is worthy of our trust and deserves our worship. He is everything God required and He is everything we could want.

Serving Christ brings satisfaction and joy to life – in the church we get to do what we do best, and make friends and help others all at the same time.

Following Christ is exciting – you realize that you matter to God and that what you do “counts” for something big.

Our Vision

Mission Focus – In our lifetime we will attract thousands of people to a new life in Christ. We plan for the standard of our ministry to be the excellence of Christ. We will help people find the right place to serve so they can enjoy ministry. And we will call people to noble challenges created by the adventure of faith.

Influential Ministry – As God blessed us in the past we anticipate His blessings in the future. These divine blessings will make us influential for Christ regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Century Church – We will continue to organize our ministry to disciple the next generation of Christian leaders so we can be an effective church for 100 years and beyond.

Our Values

The Christ Church tag-line: Real People…Real Faith…Real Life describes, in a nut-shell, what you will find when you come to Christ Church; people who come as they are and who strive to live what they believe. But we can also be described by the Biblical behaviors we value at Christ Church.


Christ-like Grace

treat people better than they deserve
speak the truth in love

Christ-like Faith


Christ-like Joy

show appreciation

Christ-like: Excellence

growing into our full potential
taking ownership


elders_16Christ Church is an elder-led congregation. Our College of Elders is the governing body of our church and responsible for our strategic direction and the evaluation and prioritization of the church’s business affairs. Elders are ultimately responsible for the quality of our church’s ministries and the overall spiritual well being of our church.

Our Elders are pictured to the right. They are, starting from the left, Jeff Freese, Jesse Keirn, Jacob Berger, Richard Wozniak, Dr. Dave Collings (Lead Pastor), Ron McMillan, Nancy Duelley, and Karen Patterson.

More about what our Elders do.

God has provided various forms of leadership for His Church. At Christ Church we recognize additional leadership positions including Pastors, Staff, Deacons and others as deemed appropriate by the College of Elders. Those who serve and minister in these roles collectively and individually oversee, provide for, and encourage the spiritual life, welfare, and total ministry of the congregation in order to insure the proper equipping of the saints for the works of service (Ephesians 4:12).

Personal Church Membership

It is our hope that Christ Church is a church where people can grow to their full potential in Jesus Christ and discover the excellence of Christ, the joy of ministry, the adventure of faith and a lifestyle of generosity.

The first step in becoming a member is to take our membership class. We call our membership class, Discover Christ Church. This is a five-week study that explores Who We Are as a Church, Where We Are Going, A Roadmap for Personal Spiritual Growth, The Lordship of Christ and the last lesson explores our Doctrinal Statements and Personal Ministry Involvement.

When the five-week class is completed, people have the opportunity to make the commitment of membership. Our class leaders help individuals find a good ministry (volunteer) fit and suggest next steps in their spiritual journey.


Christ Church is non-denominational which means we are autonomous and govern our affairs independent of a denomination. Recognizing, however, the benefits of cooperation with others in evangelism, leadership development, ministry enhancement and discipleship, we associate with other churches and Christian organizations.